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If you want to be herded like cattle and think that ordering new prescription eyeglasses should make you feel like you are applying for government assistance, then Eye Care Centers of America's Doctor's ValuVision is for you!

Yeah, I know, customer service in general has gone to the dogs but I have to say that in my opinion, Doctor's ValuVision is by far the worst offender that I have come across in a very long time.

I went to the one on Gallatin Parkway in Madison, TN, just outside Nashville. I was given incorrect information on the phone before I ever stepped foot in the door, I waited for almost and hour & a half just to be seen, then was given the runaround on every conceivable topic and was treated like dirt by the management.

There was no one on staff to assist with picking out frames, so the customers had a free for all with them and they were in complete disarray. The whole store was a mess.

To make matters worse, the manager on duty only offered me a 10% discount even though I had been quoted the wrong price, told that my lenses were in stock when they were not, waited over an hour to be seen, was treated discourteously by the entire staff. Yet as I was leaving I watched another customer be given a 35% discount by a regular staff person just for asking.

I called corporate headquarters to file a complaint and my call was never even returned.

Sure they offer glasses at a reasonable price, but honestly, Lenscrafters is WAY worth the extra money for their level of service!

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This place sucks! Jacksonville FL location is a mess, couldnt even give me my PD # and said some lie about why they dont give it out, basically it didnt make sense, never going here again anyway. the bosses also seem like they treat theier staff like ***, hence giving you bad customer service BC they just got there *** chewed out


Unfortunately some people go through life and think the old saying "you get what you pay for" doesn't apply to them.The first thing you should do is find an optometrist you feel confortable trusting your eyes with instead of looking for 2/99 ads.

With this herd mentality that is definitely prevalent at ValuVision you should be more concerned about the quality of your exam that whether the "brats" that work there are rude to you.Not to mention the cheap Chinese made frames that the company paid $1.50 for are NOT a good value I don't care how you look at it.


I have visited this store for the last 5 years.It is a busy place but the people there are working hard, and I have never been treated poorly.

The price is great and so is the selection. I wonder if the lady at the head of the page feels that she should get everything for free when a business makes a mistake. She reminds me of the people in the line at walmart trying to return something they have had for two years an dknowing the louder they get the more likely they are to get what they want!!!

At least a discount was offered due to the employee mistake.does she think the people who work there are not human?/ Get a grip.

Haldia, West Bengal, India #16736

The office staff at Dr's Valuvision is quite friendly while you are inside the office.However, they refuse to call you if there are problems in getting either your eyeglasses or your contact lenses.

In fact, when you call them to ask if the items you have already paid for are in, they are extremely rude and keep repeating that they will call you when the item comes in. Fortunately, I had the forewithal to ask for the girl that had helped me in the office, she went to investigate, and imagine!

The eyeglasses were in the store...NOT what the child answering the telephone told me.I have bread that's older than these rude brats!

Dickinson, North Dakota, United States #6719

I really like this place and have never had any problems from valuvision.i dont know what could have happened to you that was this bad that you would slander a company.

i got my last 3 pair of glasses from them. no problems, ever. no matter what one persons opinion is, there is 500 more that will out weigh your complaint.

for everyone who is in need of great glasses at a low price, you need to go to valuvision on gallatin rd in madison.i will go back time and time again

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